Esoteric Inner Chivalry


If you have read the article in the preceding sections about Cavalry of sir Walter Scott, you can understand that he knew a lot about the "esoteric cavalry" and as he speaks about Lancelot we understand he knew even the "Ordo", this secret transmission that was the real cavalry.

Esoteric Chivalry

The way of the central point.

Ancient esoteric tradition speaks of VITRIOL.

Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultam Lapidem

Vitriol is also the name of the SALT, the universal agent hidden in the alchemical tradition.

What does it mean psychophysically?

The central point in the body where everything get dissolved is the stomach in first line, and in second line what in the eastern is called the Hara.

Both points are important in the secret tradition.

When you are on a horse, if you bring attention to the nombril you will get easily a fierce stance.

And also when going on an horse your hara and the hara of the horse should stay in connection.

It is in descending that we go up

Everything is both metaphorical as a way of being.

While the spine straighten up, the gaze opens up

presence is there.

The Spine

On the spine are our difficulties, and between earth and sky we are. At the mercy of the evenement.

But the Chevalier decides to go on the horse.

He takes control of himself.

His body is erect

His presence and his gaze must be open, because he is a warrior and he must be alert.

Alertdness is the highest virtue

Wake up to your true being is the devise of the chevalier.

The Ordo

It is interesting that Walter Scott knew about the Ordo.

This very ancient tradition that is behind the chevalerie.

It is the true chevalerie.

Wake up preux chevalier!

These were the words that were told as this ancient transmission was given

Dr. Paret had occasion to receive the Ordo and can give the Ordo.

But he will give only to people that is near the path of presence.

The Fight

The way of the warrior is the way of fighting.

Against your inner problems.

Against the sleep

Against your enemies.

The seven doors

As Raimund Lull told, the chevalier must develop the seven teologal virtues.

And Raymond Lull well knew what they are as they correspond to the first two levels of the sacred tetraktys.

It means the real knight can see the "Etoile Flamboyante", the pentagram

The pentagram that was also rapresented by Agrippa is the human being that acceed to other dimensions

And in the secret hermetic tradition to see the "Etoile Flamboyante" the person should travel

Exactly the same that the chevalier must do, travel.

Travel inside himself. Travel in the world.

The state of Mind of the chevalier

The chevalier is a state of mind, not only a decoration.

The real Ordo is linked to the awakening of the conscioussness in man.

Red and White Vest

In the ancient tales the chevalier can have a red vest.

There is the chevalier with a red vest and the chevalier with a white vest

Red is the colour of the red stone.

The red stone is the human being that finally goes beyond conceptual thinking.

The true being is there

The white stone is the quest for the spiritual.

But the red is superior to the white.

Because the red is the human being that has got the real awareness of the present moment

The red is the colour of the blood.

The Preux chevalier

The way of the chevalier is only for preux chevalier.

There are elements that can create fear

A chevalier is behind fear.

A chevalier can only be in the now , traveling and searching

Hic et Nunc !