The chivalric Initiation

The Real Chivalry

What stands behind chivalry?

We agree with the analysis of Dujols:

We must do a distinction between horsemen and chevaliers

The chivalric tradition drew on principles which were too elevated to belong to a mere military institution.

When the church signed a contract with the temporal powers and gave the material body of Christ as their single nourishment, the hierophants of Phylosophical Christianity enkindled the chivalric movement in order to protect the obliteration. It was a reaction against the higher classes to preserve the ancient mysteries which nourish the soul through knowing.

The chivalric initiation

The legendary chivalry demanded a period of probation which was quite long. Originally the period of probation lasted twenty-one years.

It was bestowed during a symbolic cremony.

The candidate would proceed to take regular baths and would spend a night in a dark chapel without light.

This was the night of the tomb in which as Dante says: the old man is to be buried in order to putrefy before being resuscitated to a new life.

These rituals are still in use during masonic receptions as well in certain religious professions.

The candidate subsequently stepped out into the daylight all dressed in white in order to demonstrate hismoral resurrection.

Only at this point hewould complete the rites of the official religion.

After these obligations he received the sword, the sword of the fight for good and thereafter followed the investiture.

An initiatory discourse accompanied each piece of armour which in a sense bound the wearer to the duty of his office.

The esoteric intention is clear: the armour is nothing but an allegory.

The mysteries and Chivalry

There was only one form of Chivalry, that of the Mysteries

Not all noblemen were allowed access to these mysteries, even if they were amongst the highest feudatories

The title of Knight was sought of after as the greatest honour that could be bestowed upon mortal men

The title had even been refused to Kings

One had to prove oneself

One had to be a man of good standing in the complete sense of the word

Whe we observe the history and the forms, chivalry is a mystical current, stemming from traditions going back to Rome and to Memphis.

Chivalry comprised a vast secret society and all of its rituals can be identified as those of the pagan mysteries.

Chivalry and Freemasonry

Knighthood came to pass away in the Masonic Lodges of our time.

One can still find a plethora of chivalric titles.

Certain researchers affirm that modern Freemasonry has descended over many generations from the "Massenie of the Holy Grail"

The Grail

The Grail is the Key to the chivalric mysteries.