Useful Traditional Exercises

Exercises for Inner Chivalric Work

The group of Thebes was a group that codified a serie of exercises very useful for the inner chivalric practice.

These exercises will progressively increase the vibration of the student.

A proper ambiance is recommended.

This practice will progressively bring us to actualize our true self

The Manor of Ivanhoe want to be a center for the developing of such exercises

Same Basic Areas of the way of the warrior (chivalry)

Some chivalric exercises linked to the path of presence

You must remember of yourself and develop your conscioussness through the practice of the presence

The concept of warrior is in different traditions - Castaneda speaks to be a warrior, the japanese way of the Samurai goes on the same wavelenght

  • Open gaze - a warrior must have the gaze always wide open

  • Alert - this is a YANG way to the presence

  • Feeling the ground and the contact with the earth

  • You can have the yourself behind yourself

  • You can practice the sacred sounds I-A-O and develop the spine

These exercises will develop the fundamental points of the psychophysical unity of the human being.

We find these elements in the western and as well in the eastern traditions.